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Friday, July 1, 2011

Poe-a-Tree Blog Event

   I was a bit curious when I open Mari Sterling Wilbur's blog Poe a-tree Blog Event (link: Photography Tips) was the word POE actually that struck me. Here in the Philippines when you hear Poe, He is our Movie's Action King Fernando Poe, Jr. and from where I get my name according to my mom. Anyways, I was also thinking of Edgar Allan Poe. As I read the blog, I've learned it was about a blog event sponsored by Roy Durham.  Okey I'll just copy paste what was written by Mari, as follows 
   "Here's the idea behind the Poe-a-tree Blog: Each blogger will post a verse to the poem topic and the links to the other participating blogs. Sounds like fun.
   Per Roy, the theme of the poem is: “I am standing on a beach looking out to the horizon, what are my thoughts”. “What do I see, what do I feel, what is calling to me.” These are the questions to ask yourself and then write a verse. As many lines as you feel like."
   I'm in the middle of a project and contemplating on designs to put in a Mural...yet the invitation was so tempting that I thought I'll give it a spontaneous try. I wish I'm not busy so I can add my own art work as well...on second thought I have this strange feeling that I myself was on a horizon. Staring on a bleak...uncertain future. So here goes...

The Distant Horizon

Swirling but gentle tides kissing my toes,
my vision fixated in a not so distant horizons.
and then I was ask by my senses, it goes,
and urgent thought begging decisions.

I wept for a future that is yet to be seen
Once that I wonder why chilled at this breeze?
The Past and the future caught us between,
I thought I would traverse life in gentle ease.

Then as the tide grew even more harsher;
and the horizon threaten to grow even darker.
I started to succumb from thoughts that was once there.
Yet the cloud stirred and a silver lining shine through yonder.

"Fear not my son" I heard, "I have led you this far to doubt my ways...
I have made you a mansion, so count your days.
Have you seen that horizon, how distant so it seems,
I shall be with thee even as far as you see, I can redeem."

So I open my arms across the horizon...and let the shuddering wind hug me...
I have already seen God my father waiting there for me. 

Here are the links of participating Poe-a-Tree Blog Events:

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