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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Continuous Illumination

I wonder how would MingMing survive, he doesn't drink dirty water and is very meticulous with what he eats. We had left him from the house move...Elijah tried to carry him here in our new place but my son said he was being scratched as it tries to escape. He will be missed.
Yagit a.k.a. MingMing
   As I said did the laundry today, cooked Spam luncheon meat, heated the left-over soup, and created some blogs for ArtLover Group: some ballpen arts of Babis Kiliaris and sharing the blogs of photographer JP Brandano. Posted my pictures with Elyona Jean... 
   I truly need to be with myself...things are not clear and blurry. This is something an artwork can not do. I have to see...more of myself and the real world that engulfs me. Are we loosing the people here? Time move so fast...with such urgency that I barely knew where I stand now. 
Maybe my son is on adjustment period and another migration
is confusing him. New friends to meet and missing old buddies
he had already made. 

Oh...this blog had been hanging for publication for about 4 days now...I feel there is more I should be writing. There's No new image either on After Image 8.2 and yet all I could do are explore my sketches...(see After Image 8.2, drawing within)
   The visit of my mother is a welcoming bliss, she didn't make it during my natal day and I truly miss her. She's so hard working and used to being independent that is why instead of staying with us she opted to live in her friends houses and being a strike anywhere-person who can do dressmaking and almost any chores from electricity to cooking. She doesn't want to stay idle and want her own income...which are more often given to my family. She should be crown as a hero for that. I want her to stay here with us...but it's in her blood to roam and never would drain her quick if she stop working. She is always looking for work. By the way MingMing is my mother's pet and was asking for him when she his master, the cat needs the wild and choose to be a stray-cat for good. 

Painting must always be easy and enjoyable…free flowing and never stiff…once that important detail is entail then it is not an artwork anymore. A gift must always come as a blessing even from the giver.


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