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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Lord's Protection

   I have to share this simple miracle that I experience today. In a fast pace high-tech world It's not common anymore for us to acknowledge miracle when it happens, being too focus on the trivialities of daily routine. What I will share happened because it has to happen...or maybe neglect on my part but via these experiences I have re-learned how God protects and watch his children.
  Alone in my house this noon I remember we had left-over rice from last night, so I thought of re-heating it to avoid perishing so we can have it for dinner latter. We only took oatmeal for brunch and some snacks in between. So I turn the gas stove and set it on medium fire. 
   While waiting for it to cook I open my computer and get into blogging, and visiting my pages on Facebook. While in front of the computer there goes the alarm of my phone telling me it's time to pick-up my daughter from her kinder schooling. So I rush turning off the computer and leave....
   Hours past after I fetched Elyona Jean, did other time lapses into  almost sunset. I craved for coffee while reading some gospel books so I went to the kitchen. There I discover and remember the stove. The flame was out but the dial was still on medium line. I don't know but there's an unexplained  rush on my mind. I automatically turn off the dial but of course too late since there was no fire anyway. I thought we ran out gas...but if so we had just bought it a couple of days ago. My wife and I will surely argue about this neglect and waste of gas. But something is amiss here. Why the rice was not burned?  
   So I check the main outlet from the tank it was indeed open. I only had my relief when I check it again...there is still fire coming out. Still unsatisfied I have to check the rice again...smell it and there was no sign of charred sides except the pan is extremely hot. I lift the tank and it was still heavy.
   Right then and there I praise God...this is not your usual kind of miracle but these clearly shows how Our God protects and provides His children. I had experience many miracles from God, like being shot point-blank by a home-made gun and coming out unscratched, there are too many to mention  and this miracle with the gas stove is to add to that list of things I should be thankful for.... Amen.

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