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Monday, July 11, 2011

Four Decade and Four

This day weather is what we call "Rich man rain"....gloomy skies with little down pour and most likely to stay for the whole day....just enough for you to reach your destination and return home or the perfect moment to snuggle close together and have a cup of hot coffee.
   Perhaps I could spend this day for a reflective mood since HEY it's my birthday. 
taken by Elyona while
cleaning the fish tank
   First, I open Facebook and instantly had a big hearty smile...two of my creative Partners greeted me Andrea and Melissa . I'll cook Pancit for cakes, no ice cream, nor Beer....I am having stomach discomfort so I am not in my best. 
   July 10, 1967 at around 10 in the evening the artist was born. I was told that I have to be baptized urgent because I was already turning violet, blue, or black...whatever....they thought I was going die and so on the 8th day I have my Christening. Making sense of the matter if I may speak, that was following the Biblical that a child should be presented to God on the 8th day especially the eldest male of a Jesus. Whew, I have to make the that story. Am I really special?
from Melissa Tandoc
   Having my trouble connecting with my internet sites and Facebook is not giving me all the services. I sigh but is enjoying reading greetings and saying thank you and clicking Likes. I receive some really wonderful post that, oh yes honestly touch my heart. My art partner Melissa make a Photo art...and Sancheeta Biswas makes an impromptu poem for me....
let your creativity roll against time,
let your age measure your fertilized
mind, art is young at every stroke how old,
energy of colors always at a flow,
candles burn with pride, glow,
enjoy life as you grow.

   A wonderful day for me and I just relax in bed at most of the day and opted to make it simple and quite...on my head I was thinking of a personal devotion...quietly talk to God. God is telling me something....
   Sunday and I was supposed to be in a worship service but I have this discomfort that I can't ignore...I have occasional strokes of dizziness, my legs tendon easily get tired only after about a few minutes of standing...then now an irregular activity on my belly which is not constipation but just a heavy feeling. I need to pray...never claim anything bad...I will not allow this deception to happen. 
   My birthday wish? Do I get that options? Okey that would be "Kapayapaan" as my amiga Andrea Lisi said.

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