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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sketchers Delusions

I just can't imagine myself without sketching...I feel everything would just collapse and I'll be useless and meaningless for being here. I always feel I was made to do these. It's one of those thing I do with certain passion and urgency. As if I will be incomplete without doing just a little tiny stroke. I pointed in particular sketches and not painting because I can go on for days or even months without painting BUT to scribble at least some lines would be enough to satiate my cravings.
   I can fill a library with my sketches if we can recover them all. first platform that I can remember was our wall...when I was a kid. I draw on books, notepad, hem of my shirts, and even on my own skin that usually put me into trouble with my mother. The same reason my mother hammered my hand was when she found my tons of drawings hidden under my bed. Sorry if that story had to come out's just that I had wasted so many paper and pen in my life that transform my disfigured hand this way. Does it disfigured my hand in literal sense? No the same with the wasted papers that I think so vital and necessary for my growth. 
   This particular sketch...on this blog would simply show the needed charges I should inject to myself to feel my worthiness. Also I need the challenge of this particular photo to illustrate the defusing of light without sacrificing lines. I have to take three shots because once again the camera doesn't justify it again. Probably I should start praying about it...I haven't ask that is why I'm not receiving. So God can you give me a camera SLR?
   Staying and roaming only around the vicinity of our home for the past days and the farthest I have take is the nearby store. It's blissful for my much needed space not just for arts but FOR my interior self-analysis. Am I taking too much effort for this insights and not contributing for the welfare of our planet? 
   Once again I started a new blog on another site....Oh I could not give one specific reason for doing but I feel I needed one. I call it FherZonal Views ( and some of the reasons can be found there.
   The rain that came this noon was surprising due to the warmness of the day and even hotter that the usual temperature of the past weeks. It's not just a trickle but a full pledge storm (was it?) It even flooded the pathway inside the compound...complete with thunderstorm. Even triggered a brownout and yet when he was done it seems nothing happen...he just greeted us. Enough to remind me that I did not go for church service. 
   Ohhh I just so hate myself for being too outrageous...action speaks louder that words. Next time I will just shut my mouth. Need ice over my head. 

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