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Thursday, July 7, 2011


In life it is more likely that you'll remember the will easily recall the names of the very good and the very bad guys.
   I remember this scene quite vague...a delayed flight for Cagayan de Oro City, I'm the only one to supervised the 83 participants regarding Health Workers, and the speaker with me is Dr. Guia Abad. 
  "...I have to deal with the receipt, registration,, big money which I must keep without any discrepancy...I have to tally.   I know God is with me at that time. I was able to finish my job, not so well but its great for a one-man army. I face all the doctors, nurses, and helpers squarely.   On that night I fell asleep LIKE  never before (10Pm) and the world seems to die with me..." (Testament of Fisher 10, 1995, pp. 174)
   Travelling around the whole archipelago is something that I miss. I even remember having made the airport almost my home hopping from one city to another. The only region I haven't been into is the Bicol Region.
   "Since entirely my life is dedicated or devoted to art, I should be enhancing and polishing it to perfection and mastery. Go ahead into a straight line. Refine my style into a better goal. Primarily I must be able to create pix which speaks. My subject must be clear. I am not simplifying things -- I am creating common objects into general symbols. In this way I am elating or promoting that the usual thing we saw has deeper meaning. I want simple object to have soul. I want to awaken my audience that we cannot just ignore all the things we see; whether be it big or small like my old principle: THAT THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS WORTHLESS. I want people to look around and open their eyes. Be more discerning But behind it all...I paint what I have to say, what is on my mind, what I feel, what God want me to is reality within reality." (The Fisher 6, 1991, pp. 18)
   Above you can already see how I am forming the early concept of the Art of Realizationism. Reading further to what I am reading are titles of my very own paintings I can not recall anymore. Then below is something I've written  a year earlier while I work as a photographer in our family own Ferons Studio:
   "My painting now are timeless, it was slowly changing, there's an evolution that is rather noticeable. My pix has now minimized writings ..." I also had written an observation that the scene are depicting broad daylight and the common usage of eyes as subject. 

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Isha Shiri said...

I love your art. I wish you success and Peace