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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Testament of Fisher

The box with my diaries and other memorabilia
   Like for the very first time I am meeting a stranger...returning to a not so distant past but it feels like a surreal world that I have no knowledge of its existence. I am amazing myself with what I am learning from my own I have told you in Illumination 027 after rediscovering my old diaries stow somewhere from our previous house...and that for the past nights I'm trying to read some chapters to bring me back  to places, images, and people that barely make an imprint in me...some memories are better left forgotten. How I have hurt other people heart and played on love. There are also situations and personalities that still lingers  in present time.
   One thing more is how I became so idealistic and fought for my beliefs, and stand on them as the worldviews. Then, as I had made some quick assessment of what I have read so far, I doubt if I still hold the same zeal. I'm still here but some dreams are NOT. Like these series of journals that I am trying to unravel seems to echo only portions of myself...we evolve. I'm not quite sure if I became what I was supposed to be or what I have envisioned of me; Anyway, as I step a little further, I have no big regrets...I became the man I am now because of these images that I have painted. 
Its not how many love you make 
but how many love you keep

   Doing the fourth leaves on After Image 8.2 last night only....the plan here is to write a little bio about the author/artist....need to sacrifice some of my earlier works for this page...and found some that I saw no need to retain. A little breather first to look for materials plus an idea to outline in short paragraph of who Fher Ymas so far... 
   There's difficulty in getting signal for my broadband so I experimented on cable wire attached on Smartbro USB...extend the other end outside from the window to the veranda. There is some improvement as I can now blog...
   And something that I always wanted to have as Elyona Jean requested, we now have 2 duckling as pet. The kid still haven't baptize them for names...I always like duck more than chicken, they are easier to manage and much tougher. 

   By the way The Testament of Fisher were the title of the series  of journals I started writing circa 1985 up to 2007 or so...I'm not quite sure when did I stop putting journal entries...Fisher? Well it was just adding is on FHER....FisHER. Those things that I wish to remember are kept now into my visual manuscript as either memorabilia type, visual recollections, or references. Now with the advent of computer and internet I turn them all in the hands of cyber-spaces. 

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