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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Busy Social Sites

Now having one more site to manage ( will surely keep me work double...yet of course I'm not super-human to have it all done...but I will try. One site that had suffered a lot is my Tagged Profile and Tagged ArtLover Gallery. And this day I think I can drop by and make some amendments...only if I have a faster computer. 
   There is the result: you get zero love and only 4 messages. Exactly 780 friends that only a couple of month ago have reach 820 or so. Members are leaving the site. Now I go check our gallery profile. 
   Thanks my art partner Melissa is still taking good care of our gallery. Last active 3 days ago. Still with good amout of luvs at 90%. Now by giving my 3 available luv I can fill this up and in return have my luv scale marked. 
by Babis Kiliaris
   Just look what have I done, I made too many sites that I can't take care. This work from Babis Kiliaris grace our profile when I open it. Nice choice for my co-admin. 
   Other sites will have to hibernate at the moment. Like weebly and the one on wetpaint they are boring not giving me fluidity on blogging experience. I'm a busy person to waste my time with loading I being redundant here? 
   Still there is the need to read my friends blog too so I can keep contact and updates. The world wide web have indeed change my life dramatically and has became my principal venue to express my self. 

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